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New photos from the NitrolympX 2006. Please welcome the official "Wheely King" of Hockenheim. Photos by Markus Münch & Dirk Behlau.

Videos: NitrolympX - Lauf 1 (Wheely) | NitrolympX - Lauf 2 (Windows Media Format)
            Bitburg May 2006 - 3rd Run (You Tube) - Check out more Richarzzz stuff!

We are featured in December/January Dragracer Magazine #14 (2004) & # 26
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The Richarzzz Dragrace Department will be active in 2007

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Photos from the NitrolympX 2005

Photograph by Race-Performance.de

Photograph by matze/groovemachine

Photograph by Dirk Behlau

Photograph by matze/groovemachine

News: Photos from the Bitburg Summer Battle (Photograph by Dirk Behlau)

Pictures from the thirth Bitburg Tuning - it´s called "Kwicki".

60 ft: 1,511
1/8 ET: 7,766
1/4 ET: 12,361
1/4 MpH: 107,91

See you on track!

We are featured in the December/January Issue of the german Dragracer.de
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Zwei Videos aus Bitburg 2004. Bitte auf das jeweilige Videofoto klicken!