The 2006 saison was a very busy period with lot’s of trashed material (2 gearboxes,
1 axle, 1 of the cylinder heads and the linkage). But a big THANX to the to guys who supported me with one of a kind in first class machine work (Udo Becker / motor and Armin Brunk / tranny). The set up was found to run constant in the mid to deep 12th and the times will fall down this year – for sure!

The upcoming season will spend to comped in the german street-eliminator serie, the European bug-in and the NitroX. 7 races this year will approve the car, the team and the budged to a max.


Tech. Specs/Model: kick ass
21.04.1975, 1200er, built in EMDEN (not Mexico), delivered in Iran as an
Wedding gift of an German enthusiast, driven personally of the owner to
Germany in 1988 and sold to my dad as a daily driver.

Body off restauration in 1990 – 1991 black coloured as I get a driving licence
and I had used them also as an ordinary stock daily driver to ride to the
university. Step by step, I have put some performance parts on it and start a
further restoration in 1995 (I have earned my fist money) till 1997 to what
you can see on this pages (Porsche irisblue perleffect).

1914 ccm, powered by Kummetat, Porsche fanshroud, polished fan,
40 IDF, C/R 10:1, Schleicher 308°, 041 heads, about 130 hp on wheel

Gear Box:
Swingaxle, Made by Kummetat, 4 speed close ratio gears, 3,875 r/p,
super diff, heavy duty sideplate, 200 mm organic clutch

LeCarra lether steering wheel, gene berg shifter, Porsche 914 seats, custom velour carpet, light grey heaven, Porsche 914 tach, VDO gauges

Die Schwarze Natter:

18.03.1956, original sun roof model, full steel dechromed, Porsche US-
headlights, turnsignal included, semaphores in work, heart tail lights,
cleaned front hood, Body off Restauration in 1992 from the pre-owner,
bought in 1991 out of an advertise in a german vw-magazine, restauration till
2002 (deep black highgloss colored), first meeting – first best of show, the
rarest wheels available – Der Steiner Rad from “Schwarzwald Performance”
exlusive produced in the Porsche pattern for „Die Schwarze Natter“.

Big bore 2413 ccm, powered by Mainspeed, selfe made from my dad –
Porsche axial cooling system like the 917, mild web cam , web cam
racing lifters, web cam straight cut cam gear set, c/r 10,5:1, heads are ported
and polished, medium valve set up, 44 IDF, Mallory fuel system, MSD 6 AL
ignition, 228mm heavy duty clutch, Ahnendorp Exhaust System, about 160
ponies and 214 Nm torque on wheel.

Gear Box:
Strip set up: Stock AN (IRS), best e.t. 13,745 sec.
Street set up: Stock AT (IRS), best e.t. 14,112 sec.

Full custom crème leather with black pipes, Porsche 356 front seats, simpson
3” harnesses, Porsche 912 tach, vintage vdo gauges, 13 inch diched moto-lita
wood steering wheel, gene berg locker shifter,

VW-Speed March 2004, Ultra VW # 11, # 14

Photograph by matze/groovemachine


11.05.1969, 1967 Export styled, 1300 automatic, ruby red, first hand,
rustless, orig. 79 tkm, flip heck, lexan windows, lightened were ever I think it
is possible, full steel, decromed body, 2” shortened front beam, race fuel cell, public
race class registrated.

Big bored and stroked 2660 ccm, powered by Mainspeed, heads polished and
ported to big valve set up, web cam custom built race cam, web cam racing
lifters, web cam straight cut cam gear set, scat manifolds, 48 IDA’s, Velocity
High Flow Stacks, C/R 11,5:1 (100 octan fuel), MSD 6 AL Ignition, Mallory
Fuel System, 228 heavy duty clutch, Ahnendorp Exhaust System.

Gear Box:
IRS Racing Transmission from “Schwarzwald Performance”, R/P 4,375,
super diff., heavy duty side plate, welded rings, Porsche 930 axles an cv-
joints, Schwarzwald Performance Cup Cage

I was sick of towing the racecar with my daily driver to the tracks, so i decided to build up a period conformed towcar. So the microbus has complete my parking lot.

01.03.1979, delivered to the Bergwacht of Klagenfurth (Austria), 2004 repainted in the actually paint scheme (sucks), lowered, fuchs all around, towbar, 2 litre landmaschinen motor from udo becker with 70th old school peripherie like 40 idf, ahnendorp street sport exhaust, bosch 009 ignition, stock autobahn tranny.