Formed in 2004 on the first test & tune weekends out of long
time friends and buddies which are interested in dragracing and like to
celebrate some grate parties at the events.

Name: Jens Böhmig / Richarzzz
Date of Birth: 21.01.1973, Waiblingen
Hometown: Backnang
Occupation: Dipl. Bankbetriebswirt
Hobbies: Dragracing, Kitsurfing, Surfing, Snowboarding
VW injected since: 1973 (Homeride from Hospital in a ’63 perlwhite
Export Modell)
To do in Team: Pilot, Constructor, Mechanic, Head Management

Name: Markus
Date of birth: 14.01.1972
Hometown: Stuttgart
Occupation: Dipl. Ing.
Hobbies: Dragracing, Snowboarding
VW injected since: 1988, ride a 1956 sunroof oval with a 2275ccm typ1
To do in Team: crewchief, strategie

Namen: Jens & Jens aka Big Brothers
Name: Jens Wunderlich / Jensen
Date of Birth: 17.08.1974
Hometown: Filderstadt
Occupation: Industrieelektroniker
Hobbies: Dragracing, old Vdubs'n'Porsches, Snowboarding
VW injected since: 1990
To do in Team: Mechanic, Paddock Organisation

Name: Benjamin Kühn / Der kühne Benni aka Alfred
Date of Birth: 24.05.1985
Hometown: Backnang
Occupation: become an automotive engieneer
Hobbies: Dragracing, restoring Fiat converts, bitches and parties
VW injected since: 2002, first ride in a performance VW (the ‘75 in “rides”)
To do in Team: Mechanic, Race Coordinator

D.J.: Name: Joachim Gary / Jo
Date of Birth: 17.06.1976
Hometown: Kirchberg a.d. Murr (near Backnang)
Occupation: Technical Electronic Mechanic at DaimlerCrysler
Hobbies: Dragracing, Surfing, Snowboarding, making music
VW injected since: 1999, first survive full of 3 days at the Nitro Olympics Hockenheim, races and paddock parties.
To do in Team: Race Hospitality, D.J., Mechanic, Electric engineering

Groupies: the well known sexy Groundspeed Pilots (the richarzzz racing members
are some proud members of them, as well)